Design & Engineering Consulting

Our goal is to develop economical designs that are safe, efficient and sustainable, and can be maintained from the stage of conception until the detailed design stage and implementation. We work side by side with you and your team to find suitable solutions in providing support and assistance in management and implementation to ensure successful and efficient projects. Our ability to provide these services depends on the long-term experience of the staff of technicians, professionals and employees in the fields of engineering, including civil, electrical, mechanical, construction, etc. In the past years we have provided a large number of successful services and seek to provide unique designs and consulting solutions in various fields including:

  • Architectural design and interior design
  • Urban planning and urban design
  • Infrastructure, roads and bridges
  • Water and Sanitation

Architectural Design

Our Designers offer full three-dimensional external designs to create a lasting first impression of homes and residential compounds and commercial buildings and industrial

facilities and so on,

Here begins our discussion of the concepts and perceptions and scope of the Design and purpose of the building to analyze the personal aspects and lifestyle of our customers until we fulfill their needs and ambitions we also provide full design of the land and zones planning of buildings, fences, patios, and car roads and lighting and footpaths also swimming pools and large Squares and others.

Interior Design

For interior design, we strongly believe that each design uniquely reflects the lifestyles of our customers and we look forward to achieving a well-thought-out interpretation of this development. Work in any design rooted in the desire to build an intimate and distinctive environment. Our goal is to help you discover the meaning of living happily without having to be expensive, On the following:

  • Conceptual design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Kitchen cabinets / water cycles
  • Plans and designs of lighting
  • Choose tiles / floors
  • Designs of ceilings
  • Select number and equipment
  • Furniture distribution and many other distinguished services

Urban Planning and Urban Design

SCFEC covers the field of urban design and urban planning in all its aspects from the Streets coordination and development and landscaping and parks and footpaths and parks

our fundamental design philosophy based on faith and uniqueness that the urban planning and design is specifying the way of living for individuals within communities

Therefore, we take into consideration this important dimension in every aspect in urban planning and design as it helps in the development of individuals life and prosperity of society

Projects management

The role of project management has emerged with the increasing complexity of projects financially, technically and logistically for its essential importance in the success of projects. The completion of projects in a timely manner, at the specified cost and the required quality, is essential to the success of the project. SCFEC seeks to build a reputation for delivering successful project management services across the public and private sectors. We make sure that our customers’ goals are clear and fully understood
Our services include:

  • Full project management
  • Supervision of implementation
  • Risk Management
  • Value management
    Design Management
  • Planning and Program Management
  • Supply Services
  • Experience and technical consultation

The preservation of achitectural heritage

In the field of architectural heritage, SCFEC is considered one of the first companies that gave this area a high priority and started to establish a special section for urban heritage and attracted technical staff with a high degree of qualification and experience in this field.

Land and engineering survey

SCFEC provides land surveying and engineering survey services for infrastructure, development projects, mining projects, etc. Our services include:

  • Clear ALTA
  • Marking the boundaries of buildings and constructions
  • Survey of property and real estate
  • Topographic Survey
  • Sub-plans for residential, commercial, industrial and land development projects
  • Hydrographic survey
  • Clear GPS
  • Photographic survey